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Apr 30, 2020
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Boise, ID - United States
Hi everyone! I had a couple questions about my bunny. She's an absolute love and seeks affection constantly, however she is also the most persistent beastie I have ever encountered.

She is allowed to free roam in our living room. We have ONE spot in the living room caged off because we haven't been able to bunny proof it yet.
Apparently, she MUST go back there. She has used me as a springboard to get back behind our chairs where its closed off. I don't know why she must go back there, there's nothing really very interesting and it's fairly dangerous. She has plenty of hidey holes around the livingroom she can snuggle up in.
Any thoughts?

And secondly she is absolutely ravenous when it comes to pellet time. I feed her a quarter cup of pellets in the morning when I get up. She has literally knocked the bag out of my hand she's so excited for food. She also makes it difficult to get the food into her bin because her entire head is in the way waiting for pellets. She has constant and unlimited access to hay and water, is she just really excited about food or am I not feeding her properly? (She's considered a small rabbit and the people we adopted her from also gave her a quarter cup of pellets)

Remy The Rabbit

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Jun 5, 2020
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My rabbit also can be a troublemaker and he is quite small, he gets a quarter cup of pellets as well (he gets excited with them too) He's not entirely free-roam, but I'm getting there, he should be soon enough. I would take her bowl and the cup of food into a different room and pour it in, then come back and give it to her. That's what I do with Remy, since he runs all around my feet and I get scared I'll trip and fall on him. She might want to go back there because she hasn't really explored it yet and might be interested in what is behind the chairs. I think a possible solution is to let her back there with careful supervision, let her look around for a bit. Just watch her and if she gets into anything correct it, when she seems like she's satisfied and leaves the area, fence it off again and see how she reacts. She might just leave it alone now that she's seen it's just a boring little area. If she tries to get back again, maybe look into a better fencing option? It won't be a huge deal if you're already working on bunny-proofing it.
I'm not an expert and I'm sure others will have answers as well! Your bunny is adorable and I hope she's doing well!

Take care and best wishes
~Remy The Rabbit

Diane R

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Dec 20, 2019
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London, UK
Haha, typical, forbidden fruit reaction. Don't let her fool you into giving more pellets, 1 tbsp a day is plenty. Try scatter feeding or hand feeding, bunnies don't need food bowls.

Blue eyes

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Mar 19, 2012
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Arizona, USA
Some of mine go just as crazy for pellets. I use it to my advantage. They would free roam during the day but be caged at night. So to get them back in the cage at night, I make the noise of getting the pellets and they would immediately run into their cage for their yummy pellets!

If your rabbit is in good body condition, then there's no need to change the pellet amount. Some just go super crazy for them (like me with chocolate!!).

As for the one place she isn't allowed -- forbidden fruit reaction indeed! Not unusual. :)

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