Peeing behavior and strawberries?

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Dec 11, 2009
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Hello, I have a 1 year old Flemish I adopted. He was very overweight when I got him but if cut the junk the previous owner was giving him. He has been doing great and always using a litter box for urine and only occasionally droppings outside. 2 days ago I gave him 3 strawberry tops and 1 blueberry as a treat. Since then he has peed substantial amounts outside the box on the floor. I cleaned with vinegar. It has only been a couple days but has anyone heard of those items triggering a bladder issue like that as that was the only change. I was doing some research however and have realized I have been giving him too much Kale so am not wondering if it’s a bladder issue because of the calcium although very coincidental with 2 new items?? Any ideas and if he has had too much Kale is there a dietary solve? Thanks in advance!


Jenny - Health & Wellness Mod
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Sep 10, 2012
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I would see the kale as possibly contributing more to a bladder issue than the berries. Kale is high in calcium and with some rabbits this can lead to calcium sediment in the bladder irritating the bladder wall.

As long as he's peeing ok and is eating and drinking normally, if you cut out high calcium foods and stick with lower calcium ones like dark leafy lettuce, cilantro, etc, then the calcium sediment will flush out if too much hasn't accumulated. However, if there is a build up in the bladder, then it could continue to be an issue and could have caused a UTI, which may be why he is peeing outside the litter box, due to incontinence. If he is dribbling spots of urine, there are spots of blood in his urine, he is getting urine soaked fur on his bum, and/or he's straining to urinate, then it's very likely he has a UTI along with possible bladder sludge, and will need to be seen by a knowledgeable rabbit vet.


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