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Oct 30, 2019
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Hello everyone,
I am considering getting a third bunny to add to my pair. I've been doing tons of research on it and i know it may be risky, but i feel like my current rabbits right now are very laidback and would be open to having a third bunny enter our home. I have a few questions that I haven't been able to find information on yet. Although my criteria for the third bunny is preferably one within their age group and neutered/spayed, i have slightly fallen in love with a 4 month old rabbit who is not yet neutered. I read that you have to keep the non-neutered one seperate for a while, even after getting them neutered, just so all the hormones fade. My question is though, that if i were to get this rabbit, can i have them within the same room but far away on seperate sides with gates up to avoid contact? Im not sure how much space to give them from each other because i know that my neutered/spayed buns would be able to smell the hormones of the new one and it may cause problems, but if they are completely separate until he is fully healed and neutered, would it be okay? Another question is, is that my rabbits are both 2 years old, would a 4 almost 5 month old rabbit be accepted or would it be more difficult for them to welcome him (based on age)? I know that bonding is all dependent on the rabbits personalities, but i want to find the best fit for them and the new bunny. If there are too many complications with bonding, i am aware they i would have to keep them seperate and possibly find the new bunny a partner. But i am taking it one step at a time, so basically i am just looking for general advice from people who have added a third bunny to their inital bonded pair. Thanks!


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Jul 19, 2015
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If at all, I wouldn't do it without an exit strategy, a plan where that bunny would go if things turn sour.

That your bunnies are laid back and happy means that they are content with the current situation, they like each other and have sorted out hierachy and disputes. Adding a third can change that. Also things like litter habits can change.

I once tried a trio of does, kept one with Fury and Red, it worked for some time, there were no fights, but the grey always got the short straw and was excluded and dominated, and she took it to heart and got quite depressed, rarely leaving the hidy house. Seperated her and she was a much more happy bunny, she went to a new home.