Painting the house, what precautions should I take for buns and other furry babies?

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May 14, 2009
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, Pennsylvania, USA
Hello all, I'm new to the forum and just thought I'd ask the advice of all you fellow bun mums and dads out there. Sometimesoon we are planning to have a few if not all of the rooms painted and the carpets replaced in our home. Besides my bun I also have a dog (Wend)and a parakeet (Stella). BothWend and Stella live on the 3rd floor and Harriet lives in the basement. The basement will not be affected as far as these changes go, but I know how sensitive birds and rabbits are to strong fumes and I'm sure it can't be good on dogs either. I plan to keep all windows open to ventilate but I'm not sure if that will be enough. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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