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Oct 2, 2022
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New York
Hi, I have 2.5 month old holland lops (twin sisters) born in July and happily living outside in a large weatherproof hutch & play run. Will they be ok for NY winter and shed to a thicker fur in time? I just read that babies only get their full thick adult coat 4-6 months after birth. That would be too late....I always thought they molt and adapt as needed but I wanted to triple check....thanks!

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Mar 20, 2012
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Arizona, USA
The bigger issue is what may happen when those hormones kick in. If they are outdoors, you won't be there to see them (and stop them) if they suddenly turn on each other. This can happen (even with siblings) when hormones take over. Rabbits can inflict serious injury to another rabbit or even kill each other. Even though they snuggle now, that can change on a dime. Those hormones can affect some rabbits moreso than others, so just be prepared in case.

It really is easy (and certainly more enjoyable) to house them indoors. A NY winter can be harsh and you won't be wanting to spend much time out there with them when it is soo cold. I'd suggest considering indoor housing. Rabbits can be housed indoors without odor -- seriously!!

Check here for photos and videos of how this is done:

Even if you decide to house them outdoors permanently come next Spring, I wouldn't trust them to be outside by themselves this winter during the time when those hormones kick in. There's a big risk that they could harm each other.

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