[NYC or elsewhere in the US] Moving to Australia, Hops needs a new home

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Jul 11, 2020
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New York, NY
Hi everyone,

Due to the ongoing pandemic and our family situation, we've made the difficult decision to return to Australia from NYC. Unfortunately, Australia does not allow rabbits to enter the country under any circumstances, so, heartbreakingly, that leaves our three bunnies in need of a new home. We originally had a trio, but the two boys unbonded after his brother had a hospital visit, so while two have somewhere to go, our third bunny Hops still doesn't have a home.

He's a 5.5 year old neutered male (originally an unwanted litter in Prague!) He's an indoor bun, super chill, has never given us any trouble - while his brother and ex-partner have both had plenty of stasis episodes, he's a little trooper. He's pretty mellow with humans, but a bit shy and prefers to engage with you on his own terms. He's good with his litter box and not destructive or particularly mischievous. If you're looking for a partner bun, he is surprisingly dominant with other buns, so keep that in mind.

Feel free to send me an email (buns@andrewjgarrett.com) if you're in the NYC area (or elsewhere in the US - we can send him somehow if that's what it takes) and interested in adopting him.

Hops (R) in hoppier times with his brother (L) (before they unbonded)


Maximum flop

Sampling some lettuce


Berries are life