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Haru the Lionhead

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Sep 9, 2020
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Middle east
Hello guys, haru hasn’t been eating, drinking nor pooping for over six hours now.
She has two litter boxes, and i also put hay on the floor every where, the hay box is open in case she wanted to eat from it, and i also opened two new hay bags, one is Timothy and the other is alfalfa.
She ate a bit of banana, baby carrot, cucumber, and kale.
I also held the banana and made her chase me for it so she would move a bit.
I messaged her belly, and i gave her sherwood digestive tablet and sherwood appetite and energy restore.
I worried because she’s not eating hay and made her critical care but she refused it
I tried to put her pellets in water because she’s not drinking but she refused it as well.
She’s moving fine and flopping, and she’s not that gassy, her belly is soft
I tried rubbing the banana on the hay to trick her, she licked it off and left.. please help she didn’t poop all this time, but she’s eating cecotropes just fine so I don’t think it’s blockage

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