Netherland Dwarf Shaking

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Leigh Gorski

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Aug 24, 2019
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Hey everyone, I've got 2 netherland dwarf rabbits one is over a year old (Grey) and the other is less than 6 months old (Harlequin)
Our grey rabbit was shy at first but has opened up into the most amazing rabbit you could ask for, Our newear addition is adorable and sweet will now come to you for food but once he does he hurries away into his safe corner or spot, HATES being picked up, But doesnt mind being touched can lay on you for ages, I know they have their own personality but from when we got him he has always what we called it being nervous, He would get scared of being picked up or movements etc... but his fear and nerves are worrying, He shakes and makes loud like teeth grinding or nose noises anything you stroke him from his ears to body, He wont stop the shaking unless he is left to his own accord to which he usually gets up and moves and is mostly better, still shaking legs by heart rate and ears can be seen shaking, Is this just fear? What can we do because we want to introduce the 2 together? Will neutering help calm this and has that helped before? Is it like stress or anxiety or just not used to us yet? It just worries me our first would never do this, any help is appreciated thanks


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Aug 16, 2019
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I have 2 Netherland dwarf bunnies too. Male 16 weeks and female 13 weeks. My female bunny is nervous and hides. When I got her from the breeder she was visibly shaking. I don’t see her shaking anymore but she is still very cautious. Before I separated them to avoid mating, I think she would often hide behind the male for comfort or security. I know that is just baby bond stuff but I am still hoping mine will be able to bond after spaying/neutering and that she might take comfort in him again. I have read that Netherland dwarf bunnies tend to be more skittish than other breeds so I wasn’t really surprised by her nervousness. I am still hoping that she will eventually relax. I can’t really give you any advice but I sure can relate.


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Dec 9, 2017
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I own a Netherland Dwarf he’s 2 years old now. I can also relate with what you all are going through.

But my bunny stopped it all when I used his pellets and veggies as treats. Every time I petted him, he come close to me and picking up he got treats. I often just let him eat from my hand or at least eat on top of me when he got food. To just let him associate me with something positive and safe.

My bunny just recently started to flop around in the house, before he was just a small ball that slept with eyes open. So it takes time.

Even though he love nearly all people, I’m the only one that he will sleep on and stay for cuddles ^^

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