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Apr 6, 2010
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Bursa, , Turkey
Hello there i am in the thros of trying to go from Turkey back to my home in usa but i had aquired a rabbit while in turkey i need to find out what documents i need for her to enter usa with me at bostons airport and age requirments shot requirements what i need to get done at the vets ect any advice would be helpful


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Mar 1, 2005
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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Oops, missed this! So sorry, I'll move it into the regular forum, I don't think the regional people will have much experience.

Hope you get some answers!

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Mar 6, 2004
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, Alberta, Canada
I had adopted my buns in Taiwan, and then imported them to Canada.
Then I took them back to Taiwan for another go! We are back in Canada, and although the process for importation to Canada and the US is different, you should be aware that:
bunnies do not get shots (almost all world traveling bunnies must be checked by their home country ie:Turkey to state they are free from diseases, my vet check in Tainan had to be by a vet that was recognized by the Canadian government.
You may need both an import permit (applied for a few weeks/months in advance)from the U.S and an export permit from Turkey.
Definitely contact your airline!! If they don't have any idea of what to do with a traveling bunny~change airlines! Bunnies also can not have any sedatives when traveling.
Ensure your bun has an approved carrier cage (by the airline) usually they have a sticker or you can ask at the pet store (that they are travel friendly carriers)
You will probably have to be at the airport much earlier than usual.
GOOGLE GOOGLE GOOGLE~check out all the info the sites have to offer, it was my base for finding out what I needed to have done with my buns. Once I figured out who I had to talk to in Canada, I stared to email her to make sure I followed all the procedures, plus if you have a contact in the U.S to do any phone work for you, that is helpful too :)
get as much paperwork done ahead of time and advice that you can!
copy and paste that link in your browser, it will tell you more about the importation of buns to the U.S.
It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but once it all starts coming together and you and your bun are reunited once again in the U.S it is soo worth it!

P.S Do be prepared for quarantine, my buns had to be quarantined in Tainan (when I returned the second time with them from Canada), far away from me for 14 days ~I did not get to see them. But the first time I arrived in Canada, , they were quarantined in my home for a month (Canadian Inspection officers came and visited every 2 weeks to ensure their health and my compliance with the quarantine)
I hope this helps?
Good luck and happy bun travels to you both!!