Mystery Bunny Colors Sable Pt x Harlequin Cross. Brown eyed white??

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Nov 20, 2020
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Hi there!

I test bred my Harlequin doe to my (pedigreed) Sable Point buck and got three adorable little black harlis-- one of which looks torted. However there are two other kits who's color has me stumped. I know the genetic* background of the father, but momma is a bit of a question mark. I have sorted some things out, either mostly or partially, from previous test breedings though.

A little background:
I bred this doe to my sable to confirm whether she is bb or if her odd brown coloration/ruby cast is because she is sable, or carrying sable. She could even be bb Ccchd for all I know. I figured cchd would show itself easily with a cchlc sire.

I figured if she was sable/carrying c, a rew kit would confirm. If she was carrying sable, a seal kit could confirm. Of course neither of these were guaranteed, but I knew if they did pop up it would tell me something.
Likewise I figured if there were any brown based kits, I'd know she and buck were both carrying b, and the same with dilutes.
If she is brown (which I'm leaning toward), she could be carrying anything behind her full color C. I'd doubt ch, and even cchl to be honest, but I know she had some magpie siblings so cchd is a slight possibility.
I don't have an REW buck, which would've sorted things a bit faster/more definitively.

Known genetics:
Buck: aa B_ cchlc D_ ee
Doe (known): Aa __ __ D_ eje
Doe (hypothesized): Aa bb Cc? DD? eje

I didn't get any seals or REW, so nothing definitive there. But if I could figure out the color of these two mystery kits I think I'd have a better idea.

The first I think may be a sable frosty, I was hoping to see this color. I think its just gorgeous (and with a VM mom show quality is pretty much not part of the discussion). I'd love if anyone could confirm.
In the pictures the 'ticking' I'll say, since she doesn't appear to have rings yet (tho hard to tell at 2 weeks) shows a lot more starkly than to naked eye. The hairs have a rosy color and the blending is softer to the eye. She has shaded points on her nose and ears and looks to have agouti lacing on her ears, as well as a white butterfly as well as the white eye rings/cheek edging/underbelly but it's a little hard to tell as she's already so lightly colored.

The second has been a continually evolving surprise. At first I saw white fur growing in and thought REW, but the eyes were dark under the lids so I thought maybe BEW?? It seemed unlikely to me that the line I got the sire from would be carrying vienna tho, and even less likely they wouldn't know it (and even less likely that they did, but didn't mention. He comes from a very reputable barn.)
Now that eyes have been open a few days, they are very clearly brown! It's that kind of grayish baby-brown, but definitely brown. Same color eyes my chestnut had at that age. Pupils are black.
AFAIK blue eyes should be apparent once the eyes open and don't take time to 'develop' their color, but I've never had a BEW kit so correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, I thought maybe frosty + ee, so a frosty point? But so far baby is pure white, no shading on the nose.

The litter is 15 days old today, btw. Some pics are a little awkward since I'm trying to show specific parts, sorry!

So! Any guesses? Feel free to share pics of any similarly colored buns you have/have had.


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Nov 20, 2020
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Could they just be a sable frosty (1st) and a true cchd based ermine (2nd)?

Sorry for my rambling intro, feel free to skip it and just take a look at the pics :)

Also noticed in the last pic the white almost looks shaded on the nose but that's just lighting/filter making the pink of his nose/lips look darker, you can better see the lack of shading on the pic above it, taken a couple days later

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