My rabbit seems stressed and flinchy lately? Could you suggest reasons why?

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Nov 17, 2020
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So context: My rabbit is completely free roamed in my bunny-proofed room and usually I will leave the door open too so she can go in the hallway and downstairs. I take care of her but I work an 8AM-5PM job, my mom is working from home. She's currently recovering from a lung infection but still is very active and my mom can hear her running and jumping around when I'm not home. She's a single rabbit about 6-7 months old and was spayed beginning of December.

Lately I notice she seems stressed. Probably the last 2 or 3 days. Usually when I get home she'll run up to me and we'll cuddle for a bit. Now she'll run up to greet me but if I try to pet her she'll retreat and hop away from me. She's also increasingly more flinchy. Sometimes I will go to pet her and when I touch her she'll flinch. The other day it also looked like she was scared of my hand, she pinned her ears and lunged but when she realized it was my hand she relaxed and started licking me.

I suspect it could either be from her illness.. or is she getting lonely? The reason I do not have another rabbit is because I found her as a feral. Rescues would not take her so I kept her and ended up falling in love. I'm not sure if I can take on the financial responsibility for two, I'm already paying a lot in her vet bills. Food, hay, and litter would be manageable but it's more if the second bun also got sick and needed to go to the vet. If she really is lonely I will make things work and see if I can find her a friend. She has her next vet appointment on Tuesday so we will see if the infection is getting better or worse.