My rabbit hates bedding?!

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Oct 23, 2020
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Hiya so I have a 2 year old male rabbit and he hates bedding and I’m not sure what to do? We adopted him from a family friend a year ago as they couldn’t care for him anymore. They gave us there brand new hutch they got for him and gave us all the essentials like sawdust, hay etc. Anyways ever since I’ve had him I’ve noticed he hates any kind of bedding. I have sawdust (and hay inside) laid on the floors of the hutch and whenever I clean his hutch out he always pushes it aside and tries to kick it out. I get him out daily and let him roam free the whole of the house and make sure there’s blankets on the floor for him so he can rest whenever he gets tired. However he even pushes the blankets out of his way and lays on the floor! It’s like he prefers the cool floor against his paws and belly haha. I can’t not put anything out for him in his hutch though, it’s not even an option, but I don’t know what would be better for him, he obviously doesn’t like it! Advise would be very much appreciated I just don’t know what to put down for him!

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