My Partner hates our Rabbits because they destroyed our couch?

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May 16, 2021
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So the Rabbits have destroyed a lot of items and my partner always takes it worse than I do but he will calm down again after letting out his frustrations.
For a long time nothing was damaged because we got very good at being diligent about leaving things in their grasp.
Recently however they ate our leather sofa, he was deeply annoyed by this but he let it go because it wasn't in the best condition anyway and we were planning on getting a new sofa bed next year anyway when we have saved up the money which will allow my family to stay and visit.
BUT this morning they had nibbled a small hole in the leather arm chair that accompanies the sofa. This was in pristine condition and he was actually going to sell it to pay for the sofa bed as it is worth much money. He got furious at the rabbits this time!
I do not know what to do. I feel torn between the rabbits and him. I know its not the rabbits fault and that we need to expect ruined things....he knows this too....but this broke his heart into a million pieces and now he starting to hate the buns...and I also feel guilty and to blame because it was me who really wanted the buns and he only wanted them because he knew it would make me I feel like everything they do is my fault. What should I do?


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Sep 10, 2012
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This is natural rabbit behavior. They chew and dig, and there's really no way to stop them doing this except by rabbit proofing and offering acceptable diversions.. If they're free roam, rabbit proof everything, otherwise to stop unwanted destruction you would need to confine them to their own rabbit proofed area. They're going to keep destroying things in your current set up for them, which sounds like it will just keep upsetting your partner.

I think to maintain some sort of peace, you will probably need to change how you keep your rabbits. So either make up their own rabbit proofed area where everything in there is ok for them to chew and only let them free roam strictly supervised. Or if continuing to free roam, take stronger measures to rabbit proof everything, or have nothing in your home that matters if it gets destroyed. One thing that can be done to help protect couches and chairs is to have a durable cover over them. Though this could still get chewed through so would need to constantly be checked for holes. Here are a few tips on how to rabbit proof things in your home.



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Dec 8, 2006
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Hoping any rabbit who chews indigestible material or items (for whatever reason) will not get a GI blockage.

The Grandkids had me temporarily distracted and our harlequin n/male who's an olympic medalist at chewing found a spot to reconstruct underneath the window frame.

Excellent advice, JBun, about natural behaviors and links to bunny proof.

We can do other things while some fur-babies roam the house. Other mobile-chewers need to be bun-sit diligently. ( It is a sad, remorseful day when somebun needs to be PTS due to gut impaction. ) With our gal who chewed hubby's floor speakers, a quick foot stomp and "no, regina" would prevent her from continued remodeling. Yet some of our family are continually monitored.


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