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Aug 23, 2013
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Henderson, NV
My Buggs crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday.
I adopted him 3.5 years ago, after losing my favorite bun. Soon after, I learned the shelter failed to tell me about an infection in his jaw. I got him x-rays and it was bad. He was given six months to live. I took him to the vet to have the abscess drained and get him now antibiotics almost every month that I've had him, to the tune of about $100/month for 40 months.

Tuesday night, he collapsed. He was too weak to come out of his cage (my buns live in separate cages so I could monitor how much Buggs was eating, but they get plenty of time to run around every day). He still wanted his treats (with vet approval, I spoil him with Cheerios), but could barely move. He just wanted to snuggle, which wasn't like him at all. If he makes it through the night, I didn't the night with him on the couch snuggling. My heart hurts. I know he lived a happy life, and lived 7x as long as expected, so I'm surviving. But **** it hurts!

This is his last picture, snuggling on the couch.


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