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Jun 19, 2011
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Northeastern, Oregon, USA
Hi guys,

I've had a website for my rabbitry for a while now, but due to issues with my original host, I'm moving it to a new host. It's been a couple days since I changed the nameservers (sorry I'm getting so technical...). Anyway, it's only supposed to take about 48 hours to change, but when I view it from one network connection, I get the old version, still.

The site is at

Anybody able to visit the site and let me know which version you see? You'll know you're on the new host if the Care page has 4 subsections (vs. 3 on the old one; I added the Hot Weather section on the new host). Or, on the For Sale page, you will see a picture of the kits (no pics on that site with the old host). In a little bit, the new host will also have a blurb under Welcome! on the home page directing people to the sales page. The old host was down a lot, too, so if you get an error saying that the DNS lookup failed or the server is down, please let me know that, too.

Thanks for your help!