Misty is such a poo

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Aug 9, 2005
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I don't know what her problem is, but Misty has been mad at me for the whole weekend and only this morning is starting to come around. I can't believe the attitude of a bunny could make me so upset. LOL, you would swear she's a person.

On Friday, Neil and I bought a new bed. If you've read my blog in the past, you might remember that Misty and Charlie sleep under my bed at night and it's their favorite place to hang out in the day.

Well, we got a new bed, and it's lower than the last one, they don't have the box spring to hide in, and they can't sit up completely, but there is more than enough room for them to lay down and sort of sit up if they wanted.

Anyway, since we put up the new bed, Misty has been totally avoiding me. She ran under the bed as soon as we were done putting it together, thumped a bunch of times, then ran out and sulked in a corner of her room.


Since then, she refuses to come near me. I put a hand out to pet her and she hops to the side, just out of my reach. I call her out for treats, and she sticks her head out of the box or from under the bed, but she refuses to actually come over to get it. If I put it down and walk away she will run out, get the treat and go back to hiding.

The worst part, is she's totally completely lovey to Neil. She's crawling all over him for pets, giving him kisses... all right in front of me, but the second I go to touch her, she turns her back and hops away ... just one hop. Just enought so I know she's not moving spots, just moving far enough that I can't touch her.

What a little beast.

Last night I put her dinner plate out and I sat next to it. She refused to come out of the box toeat dinner, so I took a piece of dill and held it up to her in her box. She snatched it out of my hand, like I was completely vile, and dropped it... but then sniffed it and ate it, cause she really was hungry, just not hungry enough to take food from my hands.

This morning, I woke up, walked over and gave her a pet like I usually do first thing in the morning. I think she forgot she was mad at me for a short bit because she sat and enjoyed the pets like she usually does... then she walked away after about a minute (usually I have to walk away from her after about 5 minutes).

So... I think she's coming around, but it is SO hard living with a diva....



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May 12, 2005
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Durham, England, , United Kingdom
Sorry Nad....but...:laugh:

I love Misty - that girl is the ultimate Diva! I can just imagine her gossiping to Charlie "Can you believe they got a new bed without consulting me first?! I swear these humans think they are the ones in charge!":disgust:

:big wink:



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Sep 9, 2005
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Bunny Beach, Florida, USA
What an attitude! I remember when Sparky and Scooter got mad at me driving across country. The first night in the hotel I was getting nothing but tail. After a while, Scooter started coming around and letting me pet her. Everytime she did that Sparky would come over and nudge away her as if to say " Scooter, remember that we're mad at mommy!".

Such little divas!!

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