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Nov 26, 2021
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So I talked to the owner of the parents and she said that the breeder said they were dwarf lops.
And that she thought they were the same as mini lops (yes, but only in america).

But when I asked the size of her largest she said "3 lb". This is the size of the ideal mini lop (Holland lop in us) and not anywhere near the smallest size for a dwarf lop which is 4lb 8oz.

Could it be she was wrong and they are actually mini lops?

There are loads of mini lops (over 150) for sale where I live. But only 4 adverts for dwarf lops(including hers) for 50 miles outside of london. So quite rare.
So it seems more likely.
Also she said the woman had over 200 and showed.
But why would a show woman have loads of rabbits outside of the weight range.
This woman has over 20. Some rescue. But all under 3lb!

So do you think she's just a mini lop? Or even a mini lop cross.


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Jenny - Health & Wellness Mod
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Sep 10, 2012
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Utah, , USA
There's really no way to know for sure. To know if a rabbit is purebred of a specific breed, it would need to come from a reputable breeder.


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Dec 9, 2017
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Some breeders like to have larger does when breeding as they have a lower risk of complication. I know many breeders in my country use “toads” dwarf rabbits who are larger than standard but good breeding does. As to make sure they don’t get peanuts and lessen the risk of trouble with birthing. Even though these might not be the best of show they might get off springs that will be best of show or have the standard they wanted.

I don’t know how people show their bunnies are pure breed. Here in my country a bunny for show will get tattoos in the ear and a registered documentation that they are pure breed. While if not for show you will only get a paper of the parents and grandparents. This don’t guaranty the bunny will be pure breed, it all will depend on the breeder and their goal behind it.

For example my nethies aren’t for show and the breeder goal where to get good temperament and healthy individuals. So they didn’t care of the color of the parents but many of the parents had pedigree. Not all breeds are into showing their bunnies. So they don’t have the correct paper work.

While my belgian hare where the owner was into showing, she got the correct paper work and ear tattoo. If me as a owner wanted to do show or use her as a breeding doe. My girl wouldn’t get high points in show because of too much white and also only a house bunny. I would most likely wait until your girl have grown up and likely the breeder don’t have a good idea about the lop breeds in uk.

Because I would see it as a red flag if she have no idea the difference between dwarf and mini in uk while being active in showing. It’s like a breeder who breed lops don’t know the difference between little german lop and a holland lop in my country ☺️

So there no certain way to know what breed of lop your bunny are.

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