Male thumping at new female bunny?

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Dec 6, 2019
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I just recently brought home a female baby holland lop and I already have a male lion head who’s not yet neutered so I’ve been keeping them in separate cages next to each other so they slowly get used to their presence before they both get fixed and are able to play together. I’ve been alternating times for each one out of their cage (my male Mochi it used to free roaming) and I’ve noticed that when he is in his cage and Lucy is out of her cage he’s completely fine and they sniff noses through the cage and Lucy will lay right next to his cage and Mochi will lay next to her inside his cage but whenever I let Mochi have roaming time and Lucy is in her cage, he constantly runs in circles around her cage and will thump NON STOP! Idk why. Sometimes he thumps so much I have to put him back in his cage just so he’ll calm down. Does anyone know why he is doing this?


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Jun 27, 2019
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Grovetown, Georgia
Lol.. probably hormones! He has a lady-friend! When she is out, he doesn’t have the option of running around her like that. When he is out, he does.
Normally, thumping is to “alert the herd” of any pending danger BUT I have one that will thump if he sees me because he wants attention. Or he will thump if he wants some of the banana I’m eating. His thumping is not danger related. It’s brat related!
Also, please.....please....please..... don’t assume they will be able to play together. Bunnies are very particular and need to have a bond with the other. Babies, who are fine together, can be not fine as they grow up. I have one that does the exact same laying thing...her on one side of the pen and the other bun on the other side. They have done this forever. I totally think, “ cute. They love each other.” Nope. If I have them in a neutral space together- I swear one would eat the other if I let her! But once they are back separated, there they lay, next to each other. You can never force a bun to bond with another. Even after a good play date....or 50.....they can fight.
I just don’t want you to be sad or whatever if they are not able to play together. That’s what we all wish for. It just doesn’t happen sometimes. One good fight can ruin a potential bond forever. Just remain close, alert and fast should you need to break up a deep stare, aggressive butt sniffing, circling quickly or anything else that may make one uneasy. I will say you have a great start but his running/thumping is probably hormonal.
Oh, when you do finally introduce them with no barrier, do it in a neutral place where neither has been. Where neither has a smell presence over the other.