loosing babbies?

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Jan 9, 2010
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, Ohio, USA
Ok so my first 2 litters born on the 23rd are all healthy and growing good. But the next two litters im loosing them all all. They are over 2 weeks old. One litter of 7 all seemed a little small, but were jumping in and out of the box and had full bellies. Out of 7 only 2 are left,she lost 2 today. The secand litter their were 4. She also only has 2 left. When i check in the morning around 9:00 ALL are fine. Full,jumping around and warm. Then when i get home by 3:00 their dead. The rabbitry is 60 so its not cold. What the heck is going on? No snot or runny eyes no runny poop. Strange? And i also have a litter of 3 who are a couple days old who are fine so far.

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