left condo, at lake

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Oct 31, 2011
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Chicago, Illinois, USA
This morning Honey & I took a 2-hr train trip from my condo in Chicago to my summer home near a small lake. Honey did quite well in her carrier, especially once we got on the train. Yesterday I got her nails trimmed at the vet's, so she wasn't happy to get into the carrier again so soon. And I think she was puzzled that she didn't return home, but to a place she had never seen before. I got her last November, so she'd never been out of Chicago before. When the weather warms up again, she'll be going outside, which will be interesting.

While walking with Honey's carrier & a few other things in my luggage cart this morning, I encountered quite a few people walking their dogs. The dogs did not react to the carrier at all, so either they are very well behaved, or they're such city dogs that they have no idea what a rabbit smells like.

BTW, the return of seasonal weather after a March that averaged 15` above average has meant that the buds of much of pie cherry trees have frozen & the crop will be meager. Maybe also sweet cherries, peaches, apples, but especially pie cherries, as most grown in the US are grown in the southwest corner of Michigan. So stock up on frozen cherry pies or frozen or canned pie cherries before the price goes up.