Lani the Lionhead needs new home (Hampton Roads, VA)

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Jun 12, 2018
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I've been trying to get my mom to admit she can't care for her rabbit for a while and she's finally letting me rehome him. He is a black lionhead, possibly mix I dunno that much about breeds. We call him Lani, it's short for Leilani because the place my mom bought him from told her that he was female.

He's kept in a guinea pig cage with no time out and almost no interaction. I hold him and pet him when I can but I just don't have the money to care for two rabbits or get him neutered so he can live with my bunny Briar.

We're just asking $25 as a rehoming fee to try and make sure he goes to a good home. We're happy to give some hay and pellets along with him.

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