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Oct 28, 2007
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Upright Ears - Normal Fur - Solid color

OK, you've got an uppy-eared bunny with sold-colored "normal" fur.

It gets a little more complicated from here. There are breeds of rabbit which only come in one or, at most, a few solid colors - but none of those colors would uniquely identify the rabbit. There are many breeds of rabbit which have many acceptable solid colors and variations on them, and if you're trying to identify a rescue or pet shop bunny, it might not even be in an "accepted" color for its breed. Moreover, some of the breeds on this branch of the key are quite rare.

This page will help you check out those limited-color rabbits, but unless you are absolutely certain you've got one of these breeds, you should also check out the other, more common, breeds on the UPRIGHT / NORMAL / OTHER key page or look up the color on our FUR COLOR TABLE.

Let's get started:

Does the rabbit have white fur and red or pink eyes?

While this color is very common to many breeds, see UPRIGHT / NORMAL / SOLID / REW for some of the breeds which are only (or mostly) in that color. Also see the Special Note on REW Rabbits.

Does the rabbit have dark fur (black or brown) with longer silver hairs throughout the body?

It could be one the very rare Silver or Silver Fox breeds (although that's unlikely). If the underside is white or tan, it's more likely to be a Silver Marten.

Does the rabbit have solid black or very dark grey ("blue") fur, with no silver hairs?

See the UPRIGHT / NORMAL / SOLID / BLACK key page. Again, this color is very common, so don't forget to try other breeds, too.

Is the rabbit a solid light tan ("fawn") or greyish blue ("lilac")?

While it's unlikely, it could be one of the rare breeds - Creme D'Argent, Lilac or Palomino.

Is the rabbit's fur a solid red color?

This color is common to many breeds, but it's possibly a New Zealand or Thrianta.

Even if you're pretty sure you have one of these rabbits, you should also look at the more common breeds at Upright / Normal / Other or look up the color on our FUR COLOR TABLE.
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