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Oct 28, 2007
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Harford, New York, USA
Upright Ears - Normal Fur - Darker nose and other markings...

White Fur: Californian or Himalayan-style markings:

The rabbit has a white body with dark markings on the nose, ears, feet and tail. The eyes are pink or red.

Is the bunny medium-large - adult weight of 9-10 pounds?

It's probably a Californian.

Is it a medium-smaller rabbit - adult weight of only 2.5-4.5 pounds - with a body which is long, narrow and "cylindrical" (that is, both the top and side lines carry straight backward from the shoulders to the hips)?

It's probably a Himalayan.

Other possible breeds which have "himalayan" or "californian" coloration:

  • Netherland Dwarf can be in himalayan marking and a larger ND would be roughly the same size as a small Himalayan. However, note the head shape and ears - an ND would have short ears and a round head.

Colored Fur: Markings are darker, but same general color:

Does the rabbit have blueish-white fur, with longer jet-black hairs, and a darker slate-color "butterfly" on its nose:

It might be a Champagne D'Argent.

Is the fur a sepia brown, with a dark sepia brown color on the ears, face, back, legs and upper side of the tail?

It is possible, if unlikely, that the rabbit is the rare breed American Sable. However, many breeds come in a "sable" coloration - see UPRIGHT / NORMAL / OTHER for choices.

Does the rabbit have cinnamon-red fur, with a darker "butterfly" on the nose, and darker fur on the ears and feet and small dark eye rings?

It might be the rare breed Cinnamon (although it's unlikely).

Note that, as with the Himalayan/Californian coloration above, many breeds have this sort of lighter/darker color pattern. Depending on the colors, it could be called "sable" or "smoke pearl" - see UPRIGHT / NORMAL / OTHER for choices.
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