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    Giant Breeds

    The breeds on this page are all big bunnies - eleven pounds or more in adult weight.

    Flemish Giant
    The Flemish Giant is a huge rabbit - adult weight is at least 13 pounds, and 20-30 pound Flemish Giants are not uncommon. They have huge ears, long bodies and big feet.
    Click here for more information on Flemish Giants

    Checkered Giant
    As the name implies, the Checkered Giant is a large rabbit, with an ideal adult weight over eleven pounds. They have white bodies with dark markings in black or blue. The dark markings are: two large spots (or groups of spots) on each side, behind the mid-point of the body, a "racing stripe" along the spine, a "butterfly" on the nose, circles around the eyes and a spot on each cheek. The ears are also in the dark color.
    Click here for more information on Checkered Giants

    New Zealand
    New Zealands have an adult weight of 9-12 pounds. The ARBA approved colors are Black, Red, White and Broken (white with black or red markings). The back is curved evenly from the base of the ears to a peak at the hips, then smoothly down to the tail. It has "flyback" fur - if you stroke the fur "backward" (tail to head), it returns quickly to a flat position.
    Click here for more information on New Zealand rabbits.

    Rare Breeds

    The following breeds are considered "Rare Breeds", so it's unlikely to find them in a pet shop or rescue situation. Still, it's possible...

    The American breed has an ideal adult weight of nine to twelve pounds, and comes in two approved colors - blue and white. Its back arch starts back of the shoulders, running to a point forward of the hips ("mandolin" shape). Looked at from the top, the body tapers slightly from hips to shoulders.
    Click here for more information on American rabbits.

    The Cinnamon rabbit is, as the name implies, cinnamon or rust-colored, with smoke-grey ticking across the back and darker fur on the nose, legs and ears. The ideal adult weight is 8.5 to 11 pounds.
    Click here for more information on Cinnamon rabbits.

    Palomino rabbits have an adult weight of 8-11 pounds. They come in two color variations, Golden and Lynx.
    Click here for more information on Palomino rabbits.
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