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    Dwarf Breeds

    The dwarf breeds on this page are truly tiny bunnies - some weigh only a pound or two, and all are less than four pounds adult weight. They are listed in order of popularity in the US.

    Netherland Dwarf
    The Netherland Dwarf (ND) is probably the most popular dwarf rabbit breed in the US. ND rabbits are very small - less than two and a half pounds adult weight. They have round heads (viewed from any direction) and very short ears. ND rabbits come in many different colors and patterns.
    Click here for more information on Netherland Dwarf rabbits.

    Adult Polish rabbits should be less than 3.5 pounds in weight. Their ARBA approved colors are Black, Blue, Chocolate, Blue-eyed White (BEW), Ruby-eyed White (REW) and Broken (white with patches of black, blue or brown). A Lilac variety is in the process of obtaining ARBA recognition. Their heads are less round than the ND.
    Click here for more information on Polish rabbits

    Dwarf Hotot
    Hotot (pronounced "Hoh-Toh") breeds are very distinctive - white rabbits with dark "mascara" around their eyes. Dwarf Hotot rabbits have a maximum adult weight of only three pounds.
    Click here for more information on Dwarf Hotot rabbits.

    Britannia Petite (UK Polish)
    Britannia Petites (called "Polish" in the UK and Europe) are a very small rabbit, with an ideal adult weight of no more than 2.5 pounds. ARBA Recognized colors for the Britannia Petite are Black, Black Otter (black with white or cream underside), Chestnut Agouti (brown with black ticking, white underside), Ruby-eyed White (REW), and Sable Marten (dark sepia brown back, shading to ligher sepia undersides). They have longer ears than Polish or ND rabbits, and their heads are less rounded than Netherland Dwarfs.
    Click here for more information on Britannia Petite rabbits.
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