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Aug 10, 2020
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I currently do not have rabbits but I'm looking to adopt a bonded pair in the future (probably at least a year). Since J am not able to free roam them indoors I'm building them their own house. It will be about 10x20 feet including a completely enclosed run that they will have access to in the day. Like this
But, with them being outside I worry about the heat in summer. Here is Florida it gets very hot in the summer and I want the bunnies to be cool.
I was thinking about adding one of these to the design. It would have two layers of hardware cloth so when the heat rises it won't be trapped inside.
I even found a bunny topper

I'll also have a fan inside.
And of course they'll have access to a large water bowl with fresh water.
I'll also add a tile for them to lay on.

Will this be enough? If there's anything else I can do for them I'll do it.


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Sep 10, 2012
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Utah, , USA
I would think a more open shed design would be better. In summer, you really need good airflow, day or night, and complete shade from the sun. I think that enclosed shed would just be too hot. And a vent on top won't really change that.

If possible, I would go for a more open design for the covered part. Covered roof with wire mesh walls, with maybe just a small back part of it that is sheltered to go to if they get frightened by something or to shelter from a storm, but still with lots of openings for good airflow. Then a covered run(roof for shelter from the rain) with either a dirt floor with a secure digging space(wire mesh in the ground to prevent digging out or anything digging in) or cement pavers(to keep cool), if you don't care about having growing grass in it. Or an uncovered secure run(like you have pictured) for grass and grazing when it's nice out and not sunny, with digging prevention measures taken (in and out). Even with this open design, you will probably still have to take extra measures to keep them cool, like offer frozen tiles or water bottles to lay next to. And make sure they aren't out in the run during the hot sunny parts of the day.

I used to live in central Florida, so I know how hot it can get. I had my rabbits under an open covered hay barn in a secure covered large pen. The pen had a secure top and was wire mesh, the back of the pen had a small partitioned room they could go in, but most of the time they were in the more open area because it was cooler and they could catch the breeze out there. Plus I would put in frozen water bottles on hotter days. And I wasn't even there in the dead heat of the summer months, and some days it was still hard to help keep them cool.

The other option would be running electric to that type of shed(like you have pictured) and installing a small AC unit. In winter that shed would work fine without AC, but summer is just too dang hot and humid without AC for an enclosed space, for us even, but even more so for rabbits that always have a fur coat on. If you can do it and afford it, I would do an enclosed shed like that with AC, and with a wifi temperature monitor for safety(in case of AC or power outage).
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Seth B

Mar 6, 2021
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United States
I personally live in Virginia which has a similar heat in the summer (aka like 10 degrees less)
I usually in the summer heat will bring out some water with an ice cube or two and a cold tile to let mocha lay on! In Florida I would definitely have some shade for my bunny to lay in.

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