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Feb 21, 2007
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Thurston County, Washington, USA
So...I'm wanting to know your guys' methods of keeping does 'fit' before and after breeding.

I have an MR doe who I'm going to try breeding for the 3rd time next week, and she's not overweight by any means, but she could definitely lose some fat...perhaps just one or two ounces (I need to weigh her to see how much she weighs). She's not a large doe or anything, she's a good size for a Mini Rex.

Anyway, I was thinking I'd just take her out for half hour to an hour, or more,daily on a harness and let her burn off the excess ounces, but do you think this would help if I started just 1 1/2 weeks early? (I'm sure any bit will help...but I'm sure I could have started earlier). She's only gettinga little more than1/3 cup feed daily (and eating it all up), and unlimited grass hay. I'll give her handfulls of fresh grass daily as well, to balance out the feed to exercise ratio.

I'm not talking about conditioning for show, or fur conditioning (although I do need to figure out a better method for this too...), just getting does to stay fit enough for breeding. I will be giving both her and the buck ACV for about a week until they are put together, and for a couple of days afterwards. ;)


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