It's time to get over Buck

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May 9, 2012
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Otsego, Michigan, USA
It's time to change my avatar. It is of Buck, my first bun. I have yet to meet a bun like him. He was sweet and bonded easily with me and his bondmate Molly (who also passed). I don't feel as if I have given Peanut and Stark all that I could because I am still missing Buck (health, care and nutrition yes, but attention and love maybe not). Especially when they don't want to snuggle, but I know it's just because they're different buns than he was.
I still cry every time that I think of him.

Right now my buns are living in a hectic situation and it's a little noisy. It doesn't seem to bother them, but I do think it would be a reason why they are having difficulty bonding with me. I am going to stop comparing them to Buck and be very grateful that I have two very healthy and very happy buns that have bonded well.

As soon as I can get them to sit still (which may be never) a will definitely be representing them in my avatar.
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Aug 13, 2012
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Houston, Texas
if you can't get them to sit still together/at the same time long enough to get a good picture of both, you could take individual shots and make an animated GIF style avatar (like I have) that rotates through the pictures.

you need a special program to make them, but it's possible to download a program for it that comes with 20 free uses before you'd have to pay a cent to keep using it, which is more than enough to make an avatar or two :D

here's the thread that teaches you how to do it (it's very easy!) and has a link for where to go to download the program: http://www.rabbitsonline.net/f49/guide-make-your-own-animated-avatar-21831/

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