Is it possible to rebond my rabbits?

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May 3, 2020
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I have two netured male rabbits who are just over a year old. They're brothers—I adopted them together when they were young and then they lived together in my room for several months. We got them both neutered for the standard reasons. They hadn't showed any signs of aggression toward each other, until sometime after being neutered (I don't remember exactly how long after, but I think it was a few months—I doubt the neutering itself caused an issue). They began fighting, with hair flying everywhere. I separated them immediately. Days later, I made rebonding attempts, with no luck. Months passed. I tried again, for several hours in a neutral territory, to give them a chance. I even spent the night in a separate room with them, but when it came to moving back into my room, they were aggressive again. I have tried a third time in a different room, but we have never made any progress and it's only served to stress them tremendously. The worst part is that they both must live in my bedroom because there isn't another space in my house to put one of them, so they have to take turns coming out and they must see each other often. I believe at this point they've been living apart for more time than they've lived together.

It's never a situation that I wanted to be in, or for them to be in. Do you think there is a chance of them ever rebonding? If not, I may have to rehome one of them and try to find a new mate for the other. It has been so long with these two, and I need another opinion on this. Thank you.


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Jan 11, 2019
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Hi, this is a very common situation. Of course you can try again, prepare everything and maybe this time it will work, if not, I think that rehoming one of them and getting a fixed female as companion would be good idea, you can check with your local rescues maybe he can meet a few females maybe they will bond easily. I adopted two young boys in December they were already neutered but still fighting, first I thought I will wait a couple months and will try bonding them again, but there was a girl with same temperament and I thought one could be happy with her so I bonded him to her, it was very easy and they are very happy together, they are bonded 3 months now, I am very happy for them they are not only happy but also a beautiful couple, like they were created for each other.
The other boy was single until a couple days ago, we had a very successful bonding session and then we had 24 h long session fully supervised and they are also doing great, I am not going to separate them they are also perfect pair, I had no sleep last night but very happy. And it was clear almost after a few minutes that they will bond. I just can't describe how happy I am now :)

Generally, I don't like forcing if they don't like each other why maybe there's some bun somewhere will make one happy, and other will find his best friend and good home eventually. Be careful though with rehoming, ask questions and ask for pics ask about their experience with rabbits and if they have other pets, where he will be housed etc.

In any case I wish you best of luck and please keep us updated.
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