Introducing May from India

Discussion in 'General Rabbit Discussion' started by May_gene00, Sep 15, 2019.

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    We got May four months back when she was approximately 2 months old. She is not spayed yet, lives indoor and seems to be a Havana mixed breed. She is a free roaming rabbit with a litter tray in the living room. She seems very content with her environment, food and us at the moment.
    I wish to share her living conditions with all the knowledgeable and experienced people on this forum. I hope we are doing everything right as possible.
    Her day starts with getting her litter tray cleaned along with the entire house. We give her fresh food and grass in the morning. We get grasses like Bermuda, scutch, lawn grass etc here. I'm still not sure which one is it. She seems to like it, thus makes it 70% of her diet. We recently started giving her grass as it wasn't available before. Other than grass we offer her coriander, cabbage, cauliflower leaves, turnip, capsicum, dill leaves, basil, carrot and Timothy hay pellets in small quantity and occasionally.
    We are doing the best according to available resources here and information gathered from the forums.
    Her poop looks normal to me and her pee turns slightly orange since we started giving her grass. I read that orange pee is just plant porphyrin and nothing to worry about.
    She does binkys and flops around the house regularly. She is bonded to us and licks us frequently. She makes our lives happier.
    It will be a great help if you could help us with improving or changing something in her routine.

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