In tears, 1st bunny and she just started hating me .

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Sep 10, 2012
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I think I'm going to get her a friend we brought her on a couple "dates "and there is a male fixed rabbit about the same age and size . They kinda ignored each other at first and then my bun laid down all chill and flopped out . Then they sniffed did a little mounting (I couldn't help but laugh because my bun was having none of it and mounted him and that was that). But then they hopped a bit and sniffed and rubbed faces and then my bun flopped back down the rex bunny went into to (for betterl of term) a little bread loaf position and then came and smelled me a few times about a half HR of laying with them both , she saw him sniffing me and she came over all curious and like " man that ones under my protection who are you and what are your intentions ". But he started licking my hand and she started licking/ grooming him. So ..... We should be good right ? I just don't want to adopt him and find out they're mortal enemies .... He's been in the shelter for 1 year 5 months and now 16 days (he's got 14 more days and he's a goner, so now he licked me I can't just keep him on death row) anyway you think they'll be ok because I want her to have a friend and not be so sad now I work 8 hrs a day but I don't want to come home to an episode of LAW AND ORDER B.u.n.
With bonding there are no certainties, but those are all very promising indicators that they could bond really well, and actually may even be a fairly easy bond. But no way to know without actually giving it a try.


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May 6, 2015
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Your bun loves you. Rabbits lick to show affection, not to get salt. They have to love you a lot to groom you.

Being so terrified of hands sounds like he was abused. It’s going to take time to get him over that. Like others said, spend time with him, let him come to you. Enjoy time with him but resist trying to touch him. Talk to him. Sing to him. My bun likes singing. Also agree strongly with the person that said walk by him slowly when you pass him. Personally, I would hold a foot out to him as a greeting. Harvey likes this, and boops my foot with her nose. It’s a way of greeting each other as we pass by.

As for getting another rabbit to keep your first one company... I’m against this. Trying to bond rabbits is a whole new problem. Your rabbit will be fine by himself and will eventually learn to trust you, although you may never be able to pick him up. Sounds like he has just been way too traumatized


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Aug 9, 2019
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Actually female is even more territorial. Haha. Spaying a female would cost more than neutering a Male and as you won't want them to keep breeding, you would definitely need to get them fixed.

Also female may show sign of false pregnancy so they would tend to build a nest. There must be enough of hay for the female to do that else they may pull their own fur. I'm not too sure same would still happen to a spayed female but well, better check too.

Anyhow, if you do ever decide to adopt one more. Do get more tips on how to raise both bunnies. :) cheers.


Aug 16, 2019
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She's a female so hopefully that won't happen .. ughhhh .... I just don't want him on death row because ... Well .... He was so sweet and I don't want him to die just because nobody else will take him
I’m new to owning a bunny so I can’t offer any help but I think this bunny you want to adopt sounds deserving and I hope you do it he already loves you so be his savior!


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Jan 3, 2019
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How you can check if your bunny is spayed, she'll have a line going up her tummy and you'll be able to somewhat feel it. It will be like a scar.


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Jul 20, 2019
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My buck is not spayed, how old can they be and still be spayed? None of the local vets or shelters would do them (I had two, one ran away 2 weeks ago, never found) my lionhead was found and came to me when I went to get him. he is about 7 months old now. I moved him back into the house, he decided he hated his coop which is huge, but he seems happy again and is relearning to use his toilets (I made them out of aluminium pans, with paper in the bottom, covered with straw) He was using them in the coop so it was a lot easier to clean. Two bucks in a cage got pretty stinky, I guess they were marking territory by spraying. Anyway, if the other one is found and comes back I will keep them separated


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