I need advice on...Advice?(about cousins rabbit)

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Apr 21, 2021
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So a few months back my 9 year old cousin got a rabbit, and she mostly keep her inside wish is good, but she never get hay, toys, and lives in a very small cage.
she also has a hamster and a new Guinea pig and I don't want to be rude but she doesn't take very good care of the hamster either. I live bout an hour away so i dont see her much but when I do I always bring hay and toys for her. Help what should I do?


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Apr 8, 2020
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I would talk to the parents first and foremost... Some nine-year-olds need a lot of guidance in order to be a compassionate home. I was a roughly the same age when I got my first bunny and my dad made me earn it. I had to read three books on rabbits and give him a PowerPoint presentation on rabbit care, cost, and pretty much anything else rabbit-related. And I still made a lot of mistakes (in hindsight I was FAR too generous with treats and food).

The parents are the ones who you will really need to convince, as they are the ones who are actually in control. You are an adult bunny owner and have the ability to sell this conversation with a lot of authority. I recommend any young rabbit owner read Rabbits for Dummies (and it wouldn't hurt for the parents to also). It's simple, direct, and covers all of the really important bases without overwhelming. I would appeal to the decency of the parents and ask how they would feel if they lived exactly as the rabbit lives.

As for the hamster maybe try the same approach. Hamsters make me a little sad, I saw a statistic somewhere that almost 50% of pet hamsters starve to death because the kid taking care of them forget to feed them for so long. Good luck, you've go this!

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