How Quick Can a Bunny Get Pregnant?

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Jun 18, 2019
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Greenwood, DE
Hi everyone! So about 2 days ago my female rabbit got out with our male (both about two years old). I was there when it happened and didn't realize they were both out until the boy began chasing the girl. The two were only together for about 20 seconds maybe before I split them up. From what I saw (my back was turned to them initially when they first found each other), the male didn't even fully mount the female. However, because I know rabbits like to work magic sometimes, I'm a bit on edge and wondering if I should have an emergency spay done on the female because we already have too many rabbits.

My question is: Do I have reason for concern? Even though they were only out for a very short period of time, is there still a chance that my female is pregnant? Is it rational to get an emergency spay done? Thanks.

Side note: I know it's important to spay rabbits regardless of pregnancy or not, I just don't have the right funds for that right now.


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Aug 8, 2021
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Livingston County, New York, USA
As you said, rabbits work miracles, and somehow get pregnant with no problem. But seeing as he barley mounted her, I would guess there wasn't enough time for them to breed, but just keep an eye on her. A two year old rabbit getting pregnant is not ideal haha, her hips have fused together at this point so if she is pregnant birth could be a struggle.
Just keep an eye out for pregnant behaviors, aggressiveness, nesting, mass eating, etc.

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Mar 20, 2012
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Arizona, USA
It takes seconds. If you weren't watching the entire time, there's no way to know whether he was "successful."
Spaying is a good idea anyway, so if you are concerned, it may be a good excuse to get it done. The vet may have a payment plan option.