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alexandra the great

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Sep 26, 2022
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Hello all,
I've had Bean for almost 3 months now. We've gotten into a pretty steady routine. The only thing that I haven't really solidified is his grooming routine.
I fully run the brush through his coat every week. What about his nails? When I took him to the vet when I first adopted him (not a an exotic vet), she said his nails didn't need to be clipped. How often should I clip them?
Also, I've heard somewhere that you need to clean out rabbits scent glands...? Is that true? Have you guys ever done that with your rabbits?

Blue eyes

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Mar 20, 2012
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Arizona, USA
Nail clipping varies depending on the individual bun, his activity level, and what surfaces he's running on. Concrete surfaces can file nails down. Digging can too. Some people seem to have to clip their bunny's nails every month. Others may be able to go 6 months or more. If they are getting long, time to clip.

Scent glands are another individual thing. I've had rabbits that never had to have them cleaned out while others needed it. A visual check will show if they are in need of being cleaned.

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