How Do I Bond?

Discussion in 'Rabbit Knowledge Library' started by TheBookWorm107, May 6, 2019.

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    921E8C19-5D24-458E-85E5-25A0E61619D6.jpeg 2CE2AB37-C0C8-4CA6-A26C-D33C00D7C22D.jpeg CBE24421-47BD-4C33-A3D9-E8EBA54F2738.jpeg I’ll admit, I’ve had rabbits for almost 11 years and I’ve never had to go through a bonding process.
    Crazy right?
    My first rabbits, Snowball (intact) and Blackie (neutered) instantly bonded.
    I never realized that wasn’t the norm. I was probably 15 years old when I found out that only 3% of bunnies form instant bonds.

    Now I have 2 bunnies and medically, physically, and financially they won’t be able to have physical interactions with each other until August.
    So I’ve read about bonding and the process steps.
    Can I do the following without compermising any future bonding? :
    • switch there cages on a weekly basis
    • switch toys covered in the others scent
    • they can see and nose each other through 14x14 C&C grids
    • they have to have playtime in my bedroom since the rest of the house is off limits by my landlady and her possessive/jealous dog. (It’s funny the dog will sleep right next to them, all calm and quiet, but the second a human shows them attention, she looses her mind. Just complete irrational jealousy. Like that ugly guy who always refers to “the ring” as “my precious”.)
    • I do a rotation on playtime. Saori gets 3 hours, Valdez gets 3 hours, then (depending if it’s a weekday or weekend) they’ll get another 2-4 hours of uninterrupted playtime before I put them in for the night. And they both watch as the other runs around.

    So there’s no neutral territory. And I’m never switching their litter boxes.

    Is that okay? Or am I messing up the process?
    What would you do if you were me and the neuter/spay process wouldn’t be complete (procedure and healing) till August?

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