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Jul 1, 2007
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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
We still think of you often my big boy even though you left 5 years ago. Seems like I do a lot of posting here, but we rescued a lot of other castoffs like you, more than 37, and even though we want you to be with us forever it just isn't to be. Rest well my big man.


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Jun 10, 2017
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I'm sorry, Larry. Hoss sounded so great. The fridge sounded likes something my rabbits do. They'll squeeze inbetween the couch and my moms old chest. They'll always go in face first. When someone notices, the will call us over, and we'll watch them wiggle out. We love to see their little butts twitch. I'm sorry about rambling on. Sometimes it is the only thing to do in grief. Binky free, Hoss


May 30, 2012
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NSW, , Australia
Our little Dash left us too soon.
He was rescued from a pet shop who didn't understand rabbits and had him caged with two big rabbits who picked on him. He was a small Netherland dwarf. It took 20 mins to get him out of the pet shop cage just to buy him and take him home because he would run away so fast.

It took us two months to get him not to run and hide at home everytime he saw us. He was a frenimee to Charcoal, our mini rex with the nature of an angle who just wanted to befriend him but alas, the response action of Dash was engrained in Dashes brain from his poor pet shop start in life and he would bite charcoal whenever charcoal approached him. They were caged separately with wire fencing panels in between but at night would lay down next to each other for comfort. We miss you Dash but at least like Job, your later days were better than how your life started out

Then there was button who we only had for a short time but your impact will be with us for a lifetime.
You were a master of escape and Hudini would have been proud of you. You undid pegs with your teeth to pull them off the wire fence panels so you could make your escape, not to run away but to seek out human company because you loved people so much. Your little tongue licking our face in the middle of the night as you made your escape to come and find us and jump on our bed to wake us up. Sadly, you fell sick and when what was supposed to be a routine operation was undertaken, the extent of your illness was realised and we had to make the horrible decision of not waking you up. Such a lousy way of saying goodbye to you but a life of pain and medication for you was worse than us having you around, so goodbye was forced upon us way too soon. We miss you Button but thank you for showing us how much an animal can love humans

To all who have lost and to all who will lose, remember the pain fades and the memories and laughs eventually are all that remain, eventually


R.I.P Little man ....
Oct 10, 2013
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down south
sending my sincere condolences and may they all binky away over that rainbow at where we ll meet them one day awaiting US ...
May 6, 2015
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Seattle, WA
You would have been 8 years old today. Still miss you everyday. I found your balloon toy and buried it next to you. Binky free.


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