Holland Lop

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Jan 18, 2005
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Hutto, Texas, USA
[align=center]The Holland Lop is a breed which exudes massiveness in a compact package. Weighing 3-4pounds, Hollands are short coupled with a round head, flat face, widebody, full chest, and short lop ears that fall from a wrap-around crown. Their body-to-head ratio is 2 to 1, with the overall look reminiscent of a Bulldog. Coming in a variety of broken and solid colors, Hollands have a unique show pose of resting lightly on their front feet. Most importantly, the Holland Lop has a sociable, comedic nature that is truly endearing. It is for this, that the Holland Lop attracts so many, and is considered by the fancy asthe"Hallmark breed".

[align=right]Danielle Pesko, Autumn Frost Hollands[/align]
Sr. Bucks & Does - 6 months of age and over, not over 4 lbs.
Jr. Bucks and Does - under 6 months of age, Min weight 2 lbs.


Agouti-chestnut, chocolate, chinchilla, chocolate chinchilla, lynx, opal, squirrel.


pointed white-black, blue, chocolate, white

self-black, blue, chocolate, lilac, BEW, REWshaded-sable point, siamese sable, seal, smoke pearl,tortoise.

tan pattern - otter (black, blue, chocolate, lilac) new as of 2/05


wide band-cream, fawn, frosty, orange, red

Classifications: Broken pattern, solid pattern

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Opal Holland