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May 4, 2021
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Chautauqua County, NY
When I first got my doe Opal she was pregnant. She successfully had a litter of 7, but considering the litter’s size and the stress of coming to a new home with me she lost 3 sadly. Her next litter was a litter of 5. The litter she just had was ANOTHER litter of 7. I really don’t want to lose any this time so I have some questions.

- I know dandelion helps with milk production (which will be necessary for such a large litter), but are there any others that do that could be found in our yard or field (and what do they look like)?

- Is 2 cups of veggies a minimum can I feed more? (So I can giver her more dandelions)

- How do I tell if a kit is underfed enough that I need to flip Opal on her back and allow it to nurse? I know it isn’t good to flip a bunny on their back, but it’s safer than bottle feeding the babies

- At what point do I need to bottle feed (I know the risks and that’s why I ask)?

- Any other suggestions to make sure this litter does well?

Here are some pictures, I’ll probably take more tomorrow.C4DB7969-4C2E-48C5-888F-8F07C837526B.jpeg E0CC382C-7D5F-4185-85A4-96DCFC205B4F.jpeg


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Sep 10, 2012
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So cute 💕

I'm glad they're all doing well. As they grow bigger and will be nursing more, to help support the mom's milk production, if you haven't already, good quality alfalfa hay can be added to the diet of nursing does It's high in calcium and protein, so will help with the milk and also give her extra protein and nutrients to prevent her from losing weight and condition.

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