Hi, I'm new and I think my bunny might be sick. HELP PLEASE

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Dec 10, 2012
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I agree with most of the stuff above in that I feel mine limited pellets, lots of veggies providing a good variety loads of hay and water and limited treats such as banana, apple, pear and other fruits around 3 times a week. I think we are priviledged to have access to so much info and am so glad that RO is here to give us a chance, as well, to air any anxieties we may have about the care of our rabbits. I think there will always be differences of opinion but that, when it comes down to it, we all have to decide what´s best for our particular animal. My three are happy and healthy and hopefully will live for a good while to come.


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Mar 1, 2005
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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Rabbits don't need ANYTHING other then hay and pellets, anything else is only a treat. A little piece of apple, carrot or banana is good but not too much, a fat rabbit is not good. Never lettuce, most vegetables (just like us) causes gas with rabbits can't pass. So they get diarrhea which (just like human babies) is a big problem because they are so small they dehydrate fast. So pellets and LOTS of water is all he needs. Lot of water, i would go as far as putting a bit of peach tea in it so he will want to drink more.
This is NOT good advice. Rabbits need variety. They need to be continuously eating (thus the unlimited hay) for dental health, and they need all sorts of different textures and nutrients. A wide variety of vegetation, including hay, is probably the best diet for rabbits.

They eat grass, leaves, bark, you name it when they're in their natural environment. I don't personally believe that anywhere near enough people understand the sheer volume of hay required, nor can most supply enough produce, so pellets are still a good idea as a backup or supplement.

Treats depend on exercise levels, body fat, tolerance, etc, but my guys get a little fruit and/or carrot every day.

I wouldn't want to see rabbits bored to death by a hay, water and pellets diet. Eating provides is a rabbit's main source of entertainment as well as nutrients.

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