Help!! Rabbit's first litter

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Jun 18, 2019
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Greenwood, DE
My female rabbit (Leia) got out with my male (Wesley) recently and mated. About two weeks ago. I made a post about it and stuff. What I didn't know then was that Wesley had gotten out with her previously about a month ago. Her 30th day is the 15th of September (according to my brother, he didn't speak up before because he thought he might get in trouble). About 3 days ago I brought her outside to run around and such per usual. To my surprise, she started trying to burrow. At first I thought she was simply digging around, but every time I brought her outside she would go to the same place and dig. I quickly realized what she was doing and brought her inside so I could keep watch of her (this is when my brother told me she had gotten out with the male). I gave her a nesting box and hay but she doesn't seem to want to use it. Sometimes she begins digging in it, but she hasn't pulled fur our yet.
I know a rabbit's first litter usually doesn't make it, but I want to do whatever I can to try and save them.

I thought of putting a few dead leaves in her nesting box to simulate where she had been digging a burrow, but I didn't know if that was dangerous or not to the babies.

Any tips would be appreciated!

(Both male and female are Mini Lops. Female is 6 years old, male is 3 months old)


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Sep 9, 2019
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Leia is rather old to have kits, so I really hope the babies make it!! It really depends what kind of leaves they are, Willow, Spruce, Maple Juniper, Ash Tree and Poplar are a few safe kinds of leaves. You could probably Google more info.
Tons of good luck to you and your rabbits!!!
My two does are going to have their litters very soon so I am as worried as you are:p