Help!!! Not eating!!!!

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Feb 27, 2020
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United states
Her teeth are probably what caused this, so the sooner they are filed the better. I would try to figure out how many pellets she is getting. Her being overweight could have caused this too. You can put a playpen in between Puddles and her and feed them separately, but so they can still see each other.

I'm glad she finally peed! Her poops should return to normal by tomorrow, it takes time for rabbits to recover. Don't give her too much medicine unless she really needs it because the medicine can sometimes hurt their tummies.
I'll try to figure out how much it costs to do her teeth. I got some money for Christmas that I'll put toward that.
Her poops are still a little small, but she's acting totally normal now, just friendlier.
She's been off critical care and her pain medication since Monday. She's eating and playing, yesterday she did zoomies around the yard when she was out to play. I'd say she's better. Just waiting on those normal poops! They aren't sticky or and dark, they crumble like normal, but are just a little bit smaller.