HELP Baby bunny 5 weeks old wont eat

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Nov 20, 2020
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Waterloo ON
I have a baby bunny who is about 5 weeks old.. Its been a struggle with the mama she had rejected the babies(just had two) one died and the other I took it into my own hands and help her nurse him twice daily as I feared she would also reject him..which she has, that's another story.

Anyway, on Thursday he has started to not want to nurse and notice he had gas or GI issues...I was concerned and brought him in to the vet. She mentioned to stop the nursing as he only should have nursed for three weeks? Which is surprising as I have read it is 8 weeks....anyway he has been on GI meds but hasn't pooped or wanting to eat. Ive given him critical care.... He hasn't shown any interest in pellets or alfalfa hay at all. Please help..has anyone else experience this before?


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Sep 10, 2012
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If it's only been a day since you stopped the milk feeds, you could try syringe feeding the milk again. But if the baby isn't eating on it's own, then syringe feeding the milk and/or the critical care is necessary until it's eating on it's own again.

Unless the baby has a bloated distended belly, then that needs to be treated differently and is an emergency. Or if the baby develops watery or pudding like diarrhea, that is also an emergency. If the upset stomach is from a little gas pain, it might help to try some infant gas drops, but if the baby has developed a bacterial imbalance in the gut, then it's going to be very susceptible to developing serious digestive illness.

That vet is wrong. In the least babies should nurse at least until they are 4-7 weeks old, and stay with the mom until at least 8 weeks old if at all possible. The longer they can nurse and be with mom until 8 weeks old, the better chance they have of not developing serious digestive illness. The earlier that they are weaned, the greater chance they have of getting sick.

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