Hello. He’s Watson and I’m Michael.

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Am I overreacting? Is Watson okay without so much play?

  • No. You’re right to worry. He should play more.

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Jan 2, 2022
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Claypool, Indiana(BFE)
Sorry, was in middle of this post and accidentally posted it without any pertinent information.

Watson is about 2yrs old now. And how he became “my” rabbit is a good story but I’ll save that for another time.
To cut to the chase: Watson does not play.
Toys? Forget it.
Cardboard? Minimal interest…
Exploring? Eh… That could be because he dislikes like wood floors. We have a large area rug for him and he doesn’t start from its borders often.
Relaxation? He’s a Pro!

I never gave it much thought. He loves my attention. Rubdowns, massages and cheek rubs are par for the course. Other than that though, he just chills. Either under the coffee table, at my feet. Or, at the end of the couch, near one of his litter boxes.(It’s one of HIS areas. Litter, Water & Food. Another setup like that on the floor and, of course, one last one in his condo. In between my attention he just lays in one of those areas. He’s allowed out of his condo and into these open areas for anywhere from 4hrs - 16hrs a day.
He doesn’t seem to be in pain.
His appetite seems good. Hay always on offer. I give him a “salad” every day. Greens. Carrots. Peppers. Cilantro. Radish. Etc
As well as pellets.
He will run around. He’ll trap me by running around my feet but that’s about it as far as PLAYING.
Should I be worried? I never have because I wasn’t aware of how much they are supposed to PLAY. Recently though I’ve been doing some reading and all points to him not playing enough. Though none of the associated symptoms for depression or injury are present.
I’ve always thought he was just taking my lead and has been a lazy bunny.
Now? I’m concerned. I love this little fella. I always assumed he was happy and healthy.

So, have I been correct this entire time? He is a happy healthy bunbun who just happens to be like his caretaker who really enjoys relaxation.
Or, am I now correct in being worried that he has some issue?

If you have experience with a bunny who was lazy but otherwise healthy, please please let me know.

Anxiously awaiting your replies: Watson and Michael.

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Mar 20, 2012
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Some rabbits seem more laid back than others. Does he still have times when he'll hop about on the rug, binky or do zoomies? You could put out some cardboard boxes with doorways cut out and/or tunnels to provide something of interest that he might like to explore. Most of my rabbits were more interested in exploring. Most didn't play with small toys.

Do you have photos of your rabbit? We'd love to see!

Also, is there any possibility that he's overweight? That could be a reason for less activity.

Since you mentioned radishes and carrots, thought I'd offer some caution. Radishes are quite starchy and acidic and so are not great for rabbits. On rare occasion it might be ok, but they shouldn't get them everyday or even often. The tops of the radishes would be better, but even those should be limited due to high oxalic content. Carrots should be limited to no more than 1 carrot nib per day (or a 1" slice).
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Sep 8, 2022
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Hi Michael and Watson! Are you both in agreement about what defines "play"? For rabbits, it's foraging and running off with their loot. Try crumpling up some paper and putting it in a small cardboard box with some dried herbs and flowers (Olive likes Belinda's Blend and dried lavender from the bulk tea section of my grocery store). See if he rummages around. Also, those little stacking cups they make for babies are a huge hit. Good luck!

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