Gunky Eyes & Matted Hair

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Oct 14, 2021
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Hi everyone! My rabbit Mugsy is 9 years old and has had cataracts for the past 4-5 years. His eyes are constantly runny which causes eye gunk. He's started to lose hair around his eyes, and what's left is really badly matted and crusty. His eyes seem a bit irritated and red as well.

Are there any eye drops or ointments I can buy to help clear up his eyes?

I've taken Mugsy to the vet multiple times about this. His teeth x-rays came back perfect, vet flushed his sinuses, and she said to wipe around his eyes daily with a damp cloth. I follow up on that and it doesn't seem to help at all. I know that Mugsy's eyes will continue to run just due to his age and cataracts, I'm not looking to put a stop to the gunk because I know they'll be runny no matter what. I'm looking for something to help dissolve and breakdown the gunk, and to help keep his eyes clean. I don't like seeing him uncomfortable and my vet ignores me whenever I ask about any eye drops or ointments. I just want to maintain it and avoid infections.

So, like I said, are there any eye drops or ointments to help with the irritation and matting? I live in Canada for reference.

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Dec 5, 2019
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London, England
This happened to my boy when he got conjunctivitis (of course, that’s not the case here but it may help). I bought unmedicated saline solution, and wiped his eyes with a gentle tissue, then put a few drops into his dripping eyes three times a day, for as long he needed. It cleared up within a few weeks. And then once it was cleared, and no longer getting goop, you might want to do it only once a day for a little while


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Sep 10, 2012
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If the eye gunk is sticky and white, that's a likely infection so you would need antibiotic eye drops/ointment. What about this one? From what I can tell it doesn't require a prescription.

if it's not infected, then I would use some sort of lubricating eye drop or ointment. Something with hyaluronic acid is usually good at keeping the eye lubricated, or an ointment like Lacrilube.

Best thing though, would be to find a better more knowledgeable rabbit vet, that actually works with you and helps find the best treatment options to help manage the problem.


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