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Aug 23, 2013
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Henderson, NV
It is so hard to say goodbye.
On Tuesday, Groucho peed in the kitchen. He never does that. It was very red. I called the vet. They had no appointments until Monday. Because I was very worried, they said to bring him in the next day. I said I would after work, as I wouldn't have the car sooner. I worked from home that day while my partner worked on campus (we're both substitute teachers). At 11:10,I went on lunch. I noticed Groucho was not looking well. But he's the master of dbf, so I couldn't be sure just on sight. I called his name and he didn't react. I rushed to him and nudged him. He barely moved. I called out of the rest of my work day. I called both my partners to let them know. I called a Lyft. My gf got home from the nearby park just in time to go with me. Bf meet us at the vet. Vet examined him. He was hypothermic, dehydrated, and thin, despite a healthy appetite and drinking plenty. Vet said all that, combined with blood in urine, probably meant bladder cancer and Groucho was shutting down. We made the hard decision to let him go to Bugsy and Buggs over the rainbow bridge. They were his best buddies. My heart hurts.

I had promised myself and Groucho that once he was gone (he was 8 years old) I would contact the local rescue to get a bonded pair. So I did. I'll post about them in a an intro thread.
Jul 1, 2007
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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
We're so sorry for your loss. We've rescued more than 54 over the last 2+ decades and had to say "bye" a lot more times than I like to think about--never easy, so all we can do is help other bunnies and remember the good times we had with those no longer with us. Rest in peace little man.

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