Good site to buy hutch plans?

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Mar 22, 2009
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I want to build a long-ish hutch that I can divide into two separate sections (with each section being big enough to put in a little corner room) and put two doors on it. This would be for outdoors-we wouldn't need the doors unless we needed to lock up the rabbits temporarily for some reason or another. I've seen hutches where the door doubles as a ramp which would be perfect. So anyway I haven't seen anything like this that is affordable so I want to build one. I don't have that much confidence in my drafting skills and don't want to end up wasting a bunch of wood. I haven't found any free plans like this but I'm willing to buy plans-does anyone know of a site that offers something like this? Or something I can modify a little? I checked ebay and didn't find anything and google searches are only bringing up the same free ones I've already been looking at. thanks in advance. :)

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