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Jun 10, 2017
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Hello everyone,
This morning my rabbit Paris wasn’t excited for her morning pebbles (we only give them a small amount every morning) so she is usually very excited for them. So I was immediately concerned. I took her out of her pen with my other rabbit into a cage so I can monitor her eating and bowel movements. She is eating a little bit of hay and drinking water. I’ve seen her pee but there is no poops. I have left over cisapride from when my other rabbit had stasis in the fall. Do you think I should give her a dose??
I will take her to the vet if necessary but we can’t really afford it right now unless we absolutely have too.
I am keeping a close eye on her!


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Jan 11, 2019
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Hi. It sounds that you've noticed that there's a problem at an early stage. She is eating, drinking and peeing that is all good. What i would do and usually do in same situation, I take my rabbit on me belly to belly and sitting comfortably in an armchair or on a couch gently massaging their belly with my both hands from both sides. 5-10 minutes, you will start feeling if there's any hard areas inside and massage gently those areas, then you will feel how her stomach is getting softer and the pearl strings (poo strings) on her both sides. You can massage her belly every hour or two for 10 mins or longer, it is very effective. You can also give her some dill tea or fennel tea (no sugar of course), this will help to pass gas. So GI stasis happens sometimes and if you monitor your bun and take action there's no need in visiting vets every time and give extra stress driving and waiting at vets, meeting new people etc. Of course if there's some serious case and nothing helps drugs could help, but as you described it you could definitely use massage and teas for helping with gas, and you will see how much it helps.

Here's a video for belly massage, I do it differently and I never put my rabbits on a table, always hold them on me they are much more relaxed and feeling my body, my breath it all also helps and reduces stress. But still, you can learn from this video about massage techniques and learn how to massage, it really helps.

Hope your bun will feel better soon, you can also offer her fresh mint helps a lot with digestion problems, you can soak in water to make her drink more which is also important.

Please keep us updated.


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Sep 10, 2012
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Utah, , USA
Usually the first thing I'll try when a rabbit isn't eating, is 3 doses of baby gas drops(simethicone), each an hour apart. If after the third dose my rabbit isn't eating and acting more normally, then it's time to get to the vet. A rabbit shouldn't go more than 12-24 hours without eating a significant amount, or if a rabbit has bloat or diarrhea that is an immediate emergency. Encouraging movement and hopping around can also prove helpful in getting the gut contents moving, if there isn't some other cause for the stasis besides it being a minor case of an upset stomach.

Because cisapride is a prescription medication, it has to be your choice if you chose to give it. But just be aware, that a rabbit with a complete obstruction shouldn't be given a gut stimulant, as it can cause harmful complications.

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