Fostering a bunny and keeping separate from my bonded pair

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Jul 16, 2019
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Salem, MA
Hi! I just started fostering a bunny for the first time. I have a bonded pair as well. The bonded pair have their own room to play in, but are also use to being able to roam the whole apartment. The foster of course has her own spacious spot in the hallway separate from my two. I would like to be able to alternate taking them out to hang out in the living room with me. I vacuum any poop left behind after taking foster out and sprayed a lavender spray to try and mask the scent of the other bunny lol. My other two still obviously can tell there is another bunny even though they have yet to see her. Its causing a bit of tension between them so I'm wondering if anyone has anymore tips on how to handle this. I did have a third bunny for three years that I had kept separate from them since they wouldn't accept him, but I feel like I could have done better at keeping tensions at bay. Any tips would be appreciated!