Flemish 12 weeks

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Sep 2, 2018
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Southwest USA
Dad looks flemish. Kit doesn't look particularly flemish; his ears look more normal size and he has finer bone. The dad's color is "Light Gray". The kit and dam's color is "Sandy". You should not cross light gray and sandy. Flemish breeders advise crossing Sandy ONLY to Fawn or Sandy. Breeding to a light gray lightens up the color, makes it paler than desired. Since your kit is already out of a light gray you might get away with breeding to a Light Gray as well. The sandy kits you'd get said breeding shouldn't be bred as their rufus has been so diluted but you'd probably get some Light Gray kits out of that as well which can be used.

Also I would advise not keeping your flemish on the kind of flooring that the sire is on. Hardware cloth is weak, narrow and sharp and can hurt the feet of any rabbit, especially flemish giants whose weight makes them predisposed to sore hocks. If you can't find good 12 or 14 ga wire (or even then if they start showing evidence of sore hocks on that wire) you might want to keep him on a solid bottom cage.