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Nov 28, 2017
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Hey guys again! I’m getting pretty strict on my rabbits diet, not that he’s over weight or unhealthy just because I want him to stay extra healthy! I used to just give him unlimited pellets and not so much hay. But today I went out and bought a HUGE bail of Timothy Hay, and as he’s an adult, he has 30g of pellets per day. Now what my aim is, is to make little sandwich bags every week, and label them all the seven days of the week, each containing his daily fresh fruits and veggies. I didn’t use to bother much about his diet, or regular food timings, but after what I have seen and heard, I think it’s better to have regular feeding times and lots of hay, and fresh fruit and veg. Is this a good idea and is there anymore suggestions?


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Sep 27, 2017
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Not a long post at all, you're good :)

I think that's a good idea, though, careful not too many fruits! Those are just for occasional treats, maybe once a week or so. :)

Careful on cutting up veggies too soon though, sometimes certain ones can go bad quite quick so it's easier to keep them whole. I wasn't sure of your total plan there. But like, bag up a bundle of Romaine, or Chicory, or Green Leaf lettuce and add a baby carrot or half a green pepper. The greens are typically more of a staple and then veggies are an extra additive. So he should get more greens than veggies is what I mean ^_^

But yes, hay should be the primary food.

I do 1/2 cup of pellets in the morning and refill his hay. I use two of those hay cage things so he has enough while I'm gone for work. Then, I get home and give him his 2 cups of greens and sometimes 1/4 cup of pellets if he needs it. He's lost a bit of weight at the moment so trying to get that back up there. But, I replenish hay at that time of night as well if it's down decent enough. Your measurements will be different since your bun is not even a quarter size of my bun haha, but that's the schedule we're on to give you an idea ^_^

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